Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fried Stewed pork meat Bee Hoon

Lots of anxiety when it comes to fried bee hoon.  it was never my strength as I worry the bee hoon would end up like rubber band or being 粹粹.

The result was really satisfying .  I gave myself a thumb up 👍

ingredients :-
1/2 pack bee hoon (soak on warm water till soft)
1 can pork chop meat (remove bones) keep about 3 tbsp of the gravy later use 

3 eggs ( season w sesame oil)

1/2 pc carrots (shredded)
minced garlic 

light soya sauce

fish sauce

some extra light olive oil



1. Fried egg.  cut into strip n set aside

2. Heat up oil n stir fry the garlic to give fragrance

3. Drain bee hoon and add carrot into wok.

4. Add soya sauce,  gravy, dashes of fish sauce all to individual taste.   Fry n mix well, add water.  cover the wok to stew the bee hoon.  keep stir n mix the bee hoon thoroughly.

5. Finally add in the pork meat.  give it a good mix.  just b4 off fire, pour in the eggs. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Muah Chee

I never imagine how fast n easy, it would be to make muah chee at home.  I heard many good comments from SHC.  Now that I tried, proven n convinced.  No more buying from outside.

Homemade is the Best, no more craving n it can be done right away w simple ingredients.  Results Yummy !

Mix A
120 g Glutinous rice flour
180ml water
1 tbsp oil

Mix B
60 g castor sugar + 60g ground peanut powder

1) Have Mix A blend well, inside a microwaveable bowl.

2) Microwave on high 3 mins 30 secs.  outcome is a sticky white paste.  have it mix well.

3) cut a portion.  put inside a bowl that are filled w Mix B.  cut the paste into small pieces.  mix the small pieces well, so that each small pieces are coated w sugar n peanut.  ready to serve now !