Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tapioca with Coconut Milk

Monday Big project - Office Potluck. Got this prepare yesterday morning.

approx. 2kg Tapioca

2 kg tapoica
1.5 litre water
5pcs pandan leaves (knotted)
100g gula melaka }
150g sugar } adj sweetness to your own liking
50g rock sugar } * measurement here for reference only

  1. Peel and cut tapioca into small chunk piece
  2. Wash and soak in water for at least 1 hr
  3. Over at the stove, add pandan leave and boil water with tapioca until soft
  4. Add in sugars, gula melaka, rock sugar and cooked till thick / sticky
Coconut Milk
400ml coconut milk
2 tbsp corn flour
1/4 tsp salt

Bring all to boil

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fried Batang Steak

To mark this special date : 16 Jan 2010.

First time in my entire life, i bought a slice of fish and cooked them. Though i don't eat them. I'm a FISH Phobia. I dislike the look and I'm so afraid to touch them even if they're so tiny and swimming at the beach. It scare me most if I'll to eat them..... everything will be throw out from my mouth.

For the sake of my son, i brave myself by going to NTUC bought a slice of the Batang fish. To begin with, i wore a plastic glove (so that no direct contact) and quickly wash the fish. Heat up the wok with oil and splash goes the fish into the wok. Dash some pepper salt and do the pan frying.
My son loves it ! Effort all worth it.

BTW, usually my mama will cook fish for the family (minus myself)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fried Arrow Head 炸慈姑片

I felt in loves with this Fried Arrow Head, after being introduce into eating it during last year CNY. A Couple of weeks ago, office nearby tibits stall were selling a small packet for S$5, yet i crave and bought to eat.

The taste of the arrow head is refreshing and crispy after fried, unlike the fried tapioca.

Arrow Head seems like a seasonal food, easily available during CNY period. When I was young, my grandma used to grow them like plant during CNY. Now its new role is ... tibits (munch munch)

In fact the making of the Arrow Head is easy.

1) Peel off the skin

2) Give it a good wash, soak in the water for a while. Drian and start slicing them into thin layer

3) Fried it over medium fire till lightly brown. May sprinkle some salt and give a good shake while keeping in a air tight container

Pandan Waffles

There was a Prima outlet closed down, so they are selling away almost everything inside the store (including some utensils, cutlery, premix flour). I was so excited cos Prima Waffle is the best in town, when I saw this premix for waffle and it comes with a recipe. Immediately i grab to buy them.

Taste wise was good (probably the coconut give the magic taste to it), just that the commercial waffle maker provide better texture. Prima give a a safe guide of their recipe, so those outlet selling would have to follow their instruction per attached. No matter which outlet we go, still the waffles taste yummy. Keeping up to the std, cos the most important was the Premix flour that makes the trick. The premix flour comes in 1 kg good for 20pcs, I had portion it to 2/10, therefore the quality might be affected.

Recipe (6pcs)
200g pandan waffle mix
2 eggs
100g water
100g coconut milk
34g Vegatable oil (i used canola oil)

  1. Put waffle mix into a mixing bowl , add the eggs and water and whisk for 6 mins until batter is thick
  2. Using ned speed, add in coconut milk and vegatable oil to mix for another 10 secs
  3. Allow the batter to rest for about 1 hr before using

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Long missed Bananas cake

It had been quite a long time since I bake this Bananas Cuppies, my son has specially requested for it. This time round my daughter has requested for me to add some chocolate inside.

Look Boot likes bananas ...

01.01.10 - Happy New Year 2010 !

A New Year a new beginning ...

Our 1st Yr 2010 DIY Dinner - boiled Dumpling. All the 角子 dumpling are wrapped and prepared by Grandma and with the little chefs helping to 包.

The dumpling was so yummy that we finished up all the 100pcs in no time.

100pcs of white dumpling skin
minced pork
Vegetable - 韭菜

Ginger juice
fish sauce
soya sauce

Malacca - Durian Chendol

This is a delay posting of a famous dessert - Durian Chendol. I bought a bowl of it from 三叔公 store.

The aroma of the durian chendol was really nice but when taste, couldn't find any meat and the taste was blend. That aside i really like the presentation of the durian chendol.

2nd Attempt on Bread

This time round i follow the step for the Bread recipe closely this time, only difference is I used the BM to help knead. Not sure why ? it still didn't reach my expectation, I still prefer the traditional sweet bun dough recipe from Alex Goh.