Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fried Arrow Head 炸慈姑片

I felt in loves with this Fried Arrow Head, after being introduce into eating it during last year CNY. A Couple of weeks ago, office nearby tibits stall were selling a small packet for S$5, yet i crave and bought to eat.

The taste of the arrow head is refreshing and crispy after fried, unlike the fried tapioca.

Arrow Head seems like a seasonal food, easily available during CNY period. When I was young, my grandma used to grow them like plant during CNY. Now its new role is ... tibits (munch munch)

In fact the making of the Arrow Head is easy.

1) Peel off the skin

2) Give it a good wash, soak in the water for a while. Drian and start slicing them into thin layer

3) Fried it over medium fire till lightly brown. May sprinkle some salt and give a good shake while keeping in a air tight container


Jen said...

I love this!!! I made this 2 yrs ago but it's too much work! Decided to buy instead. Pretty expensive, fm $8-10 per bottle & I can finish it in like a day. -.-".

My Little Things Corner said...

I like this, sure fried for CNY.

My Little Things Corner said...

I add salt in the oil, you can try...

Art of Eating said...

Hi Jen,

The making is easy, only time consuming is the frying part. sob sob i got my hand burn by oil too. Very addictive hor, just can't myself from eating, once start.

Hi My Little Things Corner,

Thanks for the tip, i'll give it a try with salt added in the oil. Fried Arrow Head has been a hit at home & office now.

My Little Things Corner said...

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