Monday, January 25, 2010

Fried Batang Steak

To mark this special date : 16 Jan 2010.

First time in my entire life, i bought a slice of fish and cooked them. Though i don't eat them. I'm a FISH Phobia. I dislike the look and I'm so afraid to touch them even if they're so tiny and swimming at the beach. It scare me most if I'll to eat them..... everything will be throw out from my mouth.

For the sake of my son, i brave myself by going to NTUC bought a slice of the Batang fish. To begin with, i wore a plastic glove (so that no direct contact) and quickly wash the fish. Heat up the wok with oil and splash goes the fish into the wok. Dash some pepper salt and do the pan frying.
My son loves it ! Effort all worth it.

BTW, usually my mama will cook fish for the family (minus myself)

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