Sunday, July 10, 2016

Butter Salted Egg Prawn / Chicken

1 sauce 2 dishes

Here's the original make

1. Butter Salted Egg Prawn

500g fresh prawn.  De-vein, wash and slit the shell
1 tbsp oil
60g butter
some chopped garlic
1 small stalk curry leaves
4 chilli padi
2 - 3 tbsp Irvin salted egg paste

1.  in the heated pan pour in oil and butter with garlic.

2.  follow by chilli and curry leaves into the pan.

3. pour in the prawn and do a quick stir fry (do not over cook).

4.  when almost cook, add in the salted egg sauce.  give it a good n even mix.  finally remove from fire and serve.

2nd Dish - easy butter salted Egg chicken (non spicy)

200g chicken fillet cut into pieces
50g butter
2 tbsp irvin salted egg sauce

1. place butter in the heated pan

2. add in chicken and stir fry till cooked

4. finally put in the sauce and mix well

5. ready to serve

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Green Chicken Curry

ingredient :
1 packet Dancing chef green curry paste
500g chicken fillet cut into pieces
marinate w fish sauce
4 lime / kaffir leaves
1 stalk basil leaves
300ml  coconut milk
100ml water
6 pieces pre-cooked potatoes in cube
2 stalk lemongrass sliced
3 red  & green chilli removed seed and slices
6 green & red chilli padi
1/4 tsp brown palm or palm sugar

1. bring coconut milk, water, sugar, curry paste to bring boil.

2. add in chilli, potatoes, chilies, lemongrass, basil, kaffir leaves and chicken.  simmer until chicken is cooked.   serve hot

Saturday, April 30, 2016

chicken pie

2 sheet ready puff pastries

100g chicken fillet (cut into pieces)
marinate w pepper n salt to taste

4 small potatoes (precooked peeled n cut into cube )
3 eggs (cooked and cut into wedge)
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp corn flour
1/4 tsp thyme

1 egg wash

1. stir fry chicken meat together with potatoes and thyme

2. add corn flour, milk and water stir till creamy or sauce thicken

3. off fire and set aside

4.  grease pie tray.  lay down the first layer of pastry on the tray, poke some hole with fork on the Base.

5. fill the tray with egg and the cooked ingredients.  spread them nicely.  

6.  cover the top with the 2nd pastry.  to seal the cover, go round the tray with a fork by pressing at the corner.

7.  egg wash the pie before bake @ 180c for 35 - 40 mins

Thursday, April 28, 2016

cheesy garlic toast

if you like pasta mania cheesy garlic toast  you could DIY something like this.

slice up a long baguette, spread on garlic herb spread and lastly sprinkle some grated or shredded cheese.  lay them on a tray to bake. bake till lightly brownish

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Black pepper crab

Cooking crab is so much easier nowadays, just buy from supermarket.  All cut and cleansed.

2 packet of mud crab (wash and mashed on the claw)
1 packet of Prima taste black pepper sauce
3 tbsp water

Add all ingredients  and stir fry over the preheated wok.  Easy easy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ready gravy butter chicken Masala

Quick fix dinner for my curry lover son.  Upon first try he loves it so so much, so as my hubby.  We'll be back for more ....
ingredient :
1 packet butter chicken masala (ready gravy - house brand)
300g chicken fillet  (cut into cube)
dashes of pepper salt
2g chilli powder
dashes of cajun powder
20g butter
50ml multi purpose cream or fresh cream
*Optional : cooked potoatoes cube
method :
1. marinate chicken, pepper salt, chilli powder and cajun powder for 20 mins
2. heat butter in corning ware and stir fry the chicken cube till half cooked
3. add in the ready gravy, cube potatoes and simmer until chicken is cooked
4. Add in cream, mix well and cook for another 3 mins.  Serve.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Black vinegar pork

I love the taste and fragance of black vinegar pork. Felt so achieving for my very first time cooking this dish. Can compete with those selling outside or better.  Never expect it's an easy making, no real measurement. Just mere estimation only.
Ingredient :
350g Lean Meat (cut into 2" cube)
1 pc palm size ginger(scrap clean with knife. half portion, thickly slice the balance smash)
2tbsp black sesame oil
375ml chan kong thye black sweet rice vinegar
375ml water
1 pc gula melaka (approx 100g)
Method :
1. Boil the meat in hot water and drain to set aside
2. Stir fry ginger with sesame oil till fragrance, using tanyu or claypot
3. Add vinegar and water to boil. 
4. Add in gula melaka and stir till melt
4. Finally put in the meat and eggs
4. Cook in small fire for abt 1 hr