Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mee Siam

Wasn't planning to cook dinner tonight, was at NTUC walking and saw Mee Siam Paste on offer. It seems easy to make. Hmmm my thought was if i could find Tamarind paste and all other ingredients, I shall make Mee Siam as dinner tonight ...

Proudly presenting you ....

Ingredients (Serves 4 persons)
1 packet Hai's instant Mee Siam Paste
1 tbsp oil fry with garlic
300g Brown Rice Vermicelli (soak in water for 4 mins to soften)
100g bean sprouts
1 small stalk chives (cut into sections)
100g tamarind paste (mix with 300ml water and strain for juice)
100g sugar
700ml water
5 hard boil eggs
50g dried prawn (wash, soak and microwave or fry)
8pcs dried Tofu Puff / Tau Pau (lightly oven and diced into small pieces)
  1. Stir fry half a packet of instant mee siam paste with oil & garlic till fragrant
  2. Add vermicelli and bean sprouts continue to stir fry till well blend and set aside
  3. In another pot boil 700ml of water
  4. Pour in the other half packet of mee siam paste
  5. Add tamarind juice and sugar
  6. Simmer until fragrant

Serving Suggestion
Egg, Chives, lime, dried prawn, tofu puff

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Herbal Tea Egg 余仁生茶叶蛋

Annie helped me to buy this Herbal Egg ingredient from Eu Yan Sang last Tues 18 May and I got it cooked right away after reaching home. Next day I brought back 21 cooked herbal eggs back to office for eating and leaving abt 10 eggs at home for my family.

I used up the 2 packet of Herbal Egg ingredient, modify the instruction enclosed and cook with my favourite thermal pot

Method (30 eggs)
1) Wash the eggs
2) Put the eggs in the pot, fill water level and cover the eggs completely
3) Add in the following :-
  • herbal egg ingredient packets
  • 20g salt
  • 6-7 tbsp dark soya sauce
  • 3 tbsp light soya sauce
  • 66g sugar
4) Bring the water in the inner thermal pot to boil
5) Transfer to the outer pot and let it self cook overnight
6) Half way thru' you may give the boiled egg a hit on the shell and let in stay in the pot
6) Bring the inner thermal pot back to reboil again in the morning
7) Transfer back to the outer pot for further self cooking

With the help of the thermal pot, cooking this herbal egg is really easy. Just dump all the ingredient in and let it self cook after boiled.

Mini Cinnamon Roll

A catchup posting of Mini Cinnamon Roll made for my colleague & family.

My mama like the texture of this bread due to the soft texture as seen here.Ingredient
500g bread flour
100g castor sugar
5gm salt
15g milk powder
10g instant yeast
1 egg
240g cold water
50g soft butter

Sequence per Bread Maker - choose dough option

180g butter melted in room temp.
120g sugar
4tbsp cinnamon powder

  1. Chill the basic sweet bun dough for 50mins
  2. Mix Cinnamon filling and set aside
  3. Press flat and then roll out into a large square piece of dough about 1cm thick
  4. spread evenly the cinnamon filling. Roll it up into a cylinder slightly tight and then cut into sections 1xm wide. Line flat on baking sheet
  5. Leave the bun to prove for 50 mins
  6. Brush dough with egg wash
  7. Bake at 190c for 15-20 mins

Observation :
For mini cinnamon roll, it look beautiful when bake in muffin tray or mini loaf tin.
Be generous with the cinnamon filling. The look is beautiful, puffy effect.

Prince 1st Public Performance - 17 Apr 10

Event : Re-opening of Tekka Food Centre
The market was originally known as Kandang Kerbau (or just KK)
少林武术学院 Academy of Shaolin Kungfu