Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pandan Waffles

There was a Prima outlet closed down, so they are selling away almost everything inside the store (including some utensils, cutlery, premix flour). I was so excited cos Prima Waffle is the best in town, when I saw this premix for waffle and it comes with a recipe. Immediately i grab to buy them.

Taste wise was good (probably the coconut give the magic taste to it), just that the commercial waffle maker provide better texture. Prima give a a safe guide of their recipe, so those outlet selling would have to follow their instruction per attached. No matter which outlet we go, still the waffles taste yummy. Keeping up to the std, cos the most important was the Premix flour that makes the trick. The premix flour comes in 1 kg good for 20pcs, I had portion it to 2/10, therefore the quality might be affected.

Recipe (6pcs)
200g pandan waffle mix
2 eggs
100g water
100g coconut milk
34g Vegatable oil (i used canola oil)

  1. Put waffle mix into a mixing bowl , add the eggs and water and whisk for 6 mins until batter is thick
  2. Using ned speed, add in coconut milk and vegatable oil to mix for another 10 secs
  3. Allow the batter to rest for about 1 hr before using


Cookie said...

I also like waffle from prima. it is softer than others, even when t's cold!!!

Art of Eating said...

Hi Cookie,

You're absolutely right ! I lovely the fragrant and the texture. It go really well with peanut butter spread