Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet Bun

Bake this yesterday. very greedy i did a double portion (1/2 aunty ching & 1/2 our family). This is my favourite bread recipe obtained from Alex Goh Basic Sweet Bun Dough. A bread that don't disappoint me.

Ingredients A
480g Bread flour
120g Plain flour
110g sugar
10g salt
20g Milk powder
4tsps instant yeast

Ingredients B
1 Egg
300ml Cold water

Ingredients C
60g Butter

  1. Mix A till well blended
  2. Add B and knead to form a dough
  3. Add C, continue to knead to form a smooth and elastic dough
  4. Cover dough with clear film. Let it prove for 50-60 minutes, or till it doubles its size
  5. Use finger to pressed into the dough. It should show a clear finger tip mark but the dough should not sink. Now it's ready to use making bread and bun

* I use my BM with the dough kneading.

For making of sweet bun. Divide the sweet bun dough into 60g portions and mould into a ball. Leave it to rest for 10mins.

Put a few dough and decorate in a round baking tray and have it greased. Put in a warm place to prove for 45 mins.

Brush with egg wash and bake at 190c for 12mins.

* with the basic sweet bun dough you can be creative over what kind of bun flavour you like, such as cheese, ham, hot dog, raisin etc.... Just like what you can find at the bread shop. Basic dough, many variety. Btw I uses this recipe for my old posting for Cheese stick too.

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