Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marble Cake

On saturday i did my mom favourite cheezy bread. The outcome was good and mom was very happy about it. Didn't get the picture taken :(

On sunday, my baked was marble cake. In fact this was the recipe i used, making my very 1st butter cake. Wander why such a small piece of cake right ? what happen to the rest of the cake. Well I baked that for my sister in law hubby birthday (again last minutes). With the left over batter, made them into cupcake.

Ingredients :
250 gm butter
230 gm castor sugar
4 eggs
250 gm self raising flour
1 tsp vanilla essence
6 tbsp UHT milk
1/2 tsp chocolate paste

Method :
1. Bake in 180c for about 50 mins
2. Beat Butter & sugar till white and fluffy
3. Add in eggs one at a time, alternating with flour
4. Add vanilla essence & milk
5. Portion out some batter and mix with chocolate paste

Take a step back what is the difference between these marble cake and the other marble cupcake ? Well i could said was the qty of egg used and milk difference. Other than that is the texture difference, to me both of the cake are equally good. Some of my friends have difference preference on those 2 cakes.

Go ahead and give it a try and see what is your liking.

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