Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Made Bun

Here's my 2nd attempt for Bun making using the soft bread recipe. This time round i've reduced the Instant Yeast from 4 tsp to 3 tsp. Using the same dough i've created the all time favourite ... Cheesy Stick and 2 New flavour ... Luncheon Meat Bun & Hot Dog Roll. The kids prefer the yummy cheesy one instead. It tooks me 7 hrs to get these bun up ... from 4-11pm. Yawn ...

I've baked 6 cheesy sticks, 6 luncheon meat bun, 5 hotdog rolls and 2 mini cheese bun. What do i have left at home now ???? probably 1 mini cheese bun, 1 hotdog and 3 luncheon meat (b4 i'm out to work) All the rest were all snap up.

Here's the bite from my breakfast this morning - hotdog roll