Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lontong & Satay Chicken

Tonight dinner is ... Lontong & Satay Chicken.
1 packet Hai's Instant Lontong Paste
250ml Carnation evaporated milk
800ml water
long beans, cabbage (amount as desired)
2 pcs deep fried firm bean curd 豆干 (cut into triangular halves)
Hard boiled eggs
Lontong rice (I cooked this mini satay rice cake with my mini thermal pot)
Heat up frying pan and stir fry 1 packet of instant lontong paste till fragrant.
Add in vegetables and fry for a short while
Add water and evaporated milk and transfer to thermal pot. Bring boiled mixture and put into the outer pot for further cooking.

My kids don't like lontong, so they have stir fried chicken satay with rice cake.

1 packet of ready to stir fry chicken satay. Stirred fried chicken over with 1 tsp of oil till cooked and fragrant.


Rice Palette said...

That looks like a delicious dinner :) Great photos!

Art of Eating said...

Thanks Rice Palette.

Drop by your site, yummy home cooked dishes

Hsu Lin Boyd said...

Can I really cook lontong or ketupat with the thermal pot? Usually have to boil for long time on the stove to get good results. So with this thermal pot, I just bring the water to the boil, put in the freshly wrapped lontong bring it back to the boil, cover and leave over night and it will be done the next day?