Sunday, August 21, 2011

HappyCall Pan from Korea

I'm really excited over my new toy "HappyCall double sided pan" Order placed Aug 8 and shipment arrived from Korea at my house on Aug 18. It came in simple packing (A pan in a box)

My rating of the pan is ...

Great ! I had a good time test driving my new toy. I cooked early dinner for my family yesterday and here's the dishes ....
Cooking is a breeze. No more messy & oily.

- Due to quick & fast cooking time, it's better to have your meat well marinated before sending to the pan for cooking.

- The cool part was, i didn't use any oil on the pan.


pkum said...

no need to use oil at all?
how's the taste? i would like to get one too!

Anonymous said...

Where do u buy it from and how much? Thanks

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