Sunday, July 10, 2016

Butter Salted Egg Prawn / Chicken

1 sauce 2 dishes

Here's the original make

1. Butter Salted Egg Prawn

500g fresh prawn.  De-vein, wash and slit the shell
1 tbsp oil
60g butter
some chopped garlic
1 small stalk curry leaves
4 chilli padi
2 - 3 tbsp Irvin salted egg paste

1.  in the heated pan pour in oil and butter with garlic.

2.  follow by chilli and curry leaves into the pan.

3. pour in the prawn and do a quick stir fry (do not over cook).

4.  when almost cook, add in the salted egg sauce.  give it a good n even mix.  finally remove from fire and serve.

2nd Dish - easy butter salted Egg chicken (non spicy)

200g chicken fillet cut into pieces
50g butter
2 tbsp irvin salted egg sauce

1. place butter in the heated pan

2. add in chicken and stir fry till cooked

4. finally put in the sauce and mix well

5. ready to serve

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