Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mango Pudding

I'm caught by the look of the mango, so big, thick flesh & value for $$$. I paid S$5 for 5 pcs of Honey mango."kids are so smart to have make it with skill i just sit down and relax lazilly while the kids do the work so as a treat for their hard work decided to give them no school for 1 term siging out i am in now iam out .... the miser king of singapore "

The above paragraph was type here by my prince and has requested me to have it posted in my blog. What a humor he had.

Well, back to my mango pudding recipe, i use 2 pcs of mango and got 8 cuppies.

Today princess is my assistance for this dessert making.
100g blended mango puree
170g mango cubes
30 ml UHT milk + some evaporated milk
20g gelatine
85g castor sugar
300 ml water
250g vanilla flavour ice cream

  1. Once water boiled, off fire and stir in gelatine till dissolved
  2. Next pour in sugar and stir till dissolved
  3. Leave the mixture to cool
  4. Finally add in mango puree, milk and ice cream
  5. Stir mixture well till all ice cream melted
  6. Finally add in the mango cube to the mixture
  7. Pour into small cups and leave in fridge to set


Elyse said...

Mango pudding sounds just delightful--especially right now when the weather is just superb outside. I love mango flavor and putting it into a pudding is just a perfect idea!

Art of Eating said...

Give it a try, you'll loves the nice aroma & the texture of the mango pudding.

Cookie said...

Princess is poised for be the next supermodel!


Art of Eating said...

hahaha ... she loves to pose, specially with the food