Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tea Egg 茶叶蛋

I loves Tea Egg 茶叶蛋, i use to buy them from Pasar Malam. The fragrant smell nice and tasty if it's well cook. It'll more worthwhile DIY than buying it from Pasar Malam or some Medical hall or food stalls. The costs of 1 Tea Egg could range from S$0.50 - S$1. Feeling the pinch, i decided to make it for myself and my family to enjoy.

The making of this Tea Egg is really easy, all that we need is a packet of Flavoured Tea Egg Spices & eggs and probably some soya sauce.
This spices packets is good for 20 eggs, so here we go ....
  1. Wash the eggs
  2. Put in 20 eggs into a cooking pot, add in water and ensure the amount of water is sufficient to cover all the eggs inside the pot
  3. Add the packets of tea egg spices (do not break open the filter bag) and add 4-5 tbsp of soya sauce
  4. Cook in mild fire for 20 mins
  5. Take out the eggs and break the eggs shell gentle to allow the flavoured to penatrate into the egg.
  6. Keep cooking for 1 hour
  7. Off fire and allow the eggs to soak in the pot for another 1 hour to get more flavoured

The taste of the egg when eat wasn't there yet after all the cooking, probably i've add in too much water and the herbal still not thick enough. I've decided to add another different brand of herbal tea egg spice.

This time round it taste so much better and it got the taste out.


Elyse said...

Thanks for sharing! I've never had tea eggs, but I'm totally intrigued now. I really want to try them!

Sylviamania said...

Angel and I LOVE tea eggs!!! I didn't know that they have the pre-mix herbal bags nowadays! What great news! Will get my mom to send me some NOW!

Sylviamania said...

Btw, where did you buy the pre-mix bags from? Not from Taiwan right...?