Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Toaster Flat Bread

A good recommendation from Food Lover for " Chinatown - Toaster Flat Bread "
Last night i bought this from Sheng Siong supermarket at special price of S$3.50 for a packet of 10 pcs.

What's the difference between Flat Bread vs Roti Prata dough (Good Question huh ....)
1) Flat Bread Western style and Roti Prata Indian style
2) Appearance of the ready made dough no different, except the size of the Roti Prata is bigger
3) Roti Prata uses pan and cook over the stove, whereby Flat bread uses Sandwich or waffle maker or toaster. (no greasing required)
4) Texture after cook, Flat bread is much thin and crispy

Make # 1 - using Sandwich Maker
Filling : - Ham & Cheese
Prince lunchbox
Make # 2 using Waffle maker
Filling : Mozzarella Cheese
Princess lunchbox


Elyse said...

Mm, I love that you put this in the waffle maker. I love how you managed to get lots of crispy gooves into the sandwich. How delicious!

Art of Eating said...

Yes, in deed Elyse. Yum yum

Blessed Homemaker said...

First time I see this. Will look out for it in the supermarket. Thanks for sharing :)

Blessed Homemaker said...

I just bought a pack by Sunshine, finally. BTW, when you use the waffle maker, do you need to grease? Mine is a non stick but it got stucked and I had to use a pan to cook the rest.