Saturday, December 26, 2009

冬至 - 12 月22 日

From young we were taught 冬大过年 and also a saying of 冬湿年干= if it rain in Winter, Chinese New Year will be dry. It's a must to eat 湯圓, so that we'll grow a year older (just a chinese saying). My family favourite is Gula Melaka flavor 湯圓, it's also my witness.

Important to note, 冬至 is always falls on 22 Dec yearly. Which also 3 days before our Christmas Day 25 Dec, amazing huh ...

My mama and the little helpers with the DIY 湯圓 making.

好温心的一刻, a great bonding time

No exact measurement for the ingredients. All thru' my mama estimation...

占米粉 (少许)
mix with hot water and slowly form into a dough

Wrap it up with Gula Melaka filling

For the sweet soup base
- Water
- Pandan Leave
- Gula Melaka

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