Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Office X'mas Party - 15 Dec 09

We had an early x'mas party at the office after work hours, there were plenty of foods. I only took a picture or 2 and even forgotten to snap a picture of my doll up (beautify) brownie i made :( Even forgotten to snap our yearly star dish .... Kirk's MIL home cooked specialty "Turkey". It's really super nice and the best we had ever try. So tender, juicy and unforgettable taste --- Yum Yum. Never had we tried anything so good like this before. Mann.... i'm really getting old or perhaps the food was so good that i was drown into it .... Just attack the food, photo taking never mind ... hahahha

Here's the only picture of a small portion of the food displayFor the last part of the party - gift exchange. I've put up Alex Goh latest book "Magic Bread"as my wishing list this year. Thanks Yen Yen for the book and the greeting card.


Cookie said...

Congrats, you've got the book!

Hope to see your bread soon!

Art of Eating said...

Yes, Finally....

Managed to get my hand on this book today. The new bake look goods but I prefer his old recipe. Not sure if the outcome caused by Bread Maker m/c.