Friday, February 5, 2010

My New Toy - La Gourment Thermal Cooker

I've been eyeing on a Thermal Cooker for months, at the same time I'm looking out for a mini rice cooker to cook brown rice for my hubby (All of us loves white rice but health conscious hubby wanted brown rice) All in all i need to get is 2 pots.... finally got a good deal from Robinson last Friday 5 Feb 10.

I bought a 7 litre thermal pot and get 1.5 litre pot for free. The small pot is ideal for cooking brown rice.

Btw this pot is made in Korea and Swiss brand.

This paper cutting is from Tang, same price S$129 but no ECO bag from purchase at Robinson

This is a Wonder Cooker, my mama loves it so much and keep praising it. It's easy to use, save gas, no need to worry about over cooking and watch over fire. It's "Safe and friendly" to use.

I've cooked a simple dish using this wonder pot

1 pc lean meat (cube)
1 pc old cucumber
a handful of wolf berry
4 big bowls of water (per own consumption perference)

Put all ingredients into inner pot and bring to boil
Remove from heat and place inner pot inside the outer layer pot
Cover and let it cook thru' stewing by its own
Soup all ready to consume in less than an hour (The meat is very tender)


Jen said...

Is it really good? I've been thinking of getting one too but worry that it mught be another white elephant in the storeroom.

Art of Eating said...

Yes, it's fun and easy to use. Just heat up the pot at the stove and let the cooking do by its own inside the thermal cooker.

It's so easy and breeze to use, very useful for small family or cooking in small qty. If for 1 -2 persons go for the med size one 2.5litre. You can actually cook rice and steam egg/meat at the same time.

Last week i use my 1.5 litre pot cook half a cup of rice for my daughter and it's ready in abt 1/2 hr time.

Cookie said...

looks like another die-die-must-buy kitchenware... haha. My colleague told me she used it to cook porridge - turn out soft and gooey.

I am just wondering how that little thing can muster so much heat within that shell!

Art of Eating said...

You can say that again Cookie! A must buy kitchen ware. I had been eyeing on this for many many month..s until I saw this good deal. I felt it's useful for the family and value for $$$

The other convincing part is, it's made in Korea.

Kimmy said...

Hi, my brother in-law gave me a 7L La Gourment Thermal Cooker on CNY. Basically, I have some ideas on how to use it but I would appreciate if you could let me have more recipes apart from this soup that you have tried using this gadget. TQ.