Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thai Red Ruby

Done this during 6 Aug 15, SG50 party in the office.  Well received by colleagues.

Part 1 ingredients
400 - 500g peel water chestnut (cut into small cube at 5mm size)
1 tsp red colouring
500g coconut milk (approx 1 big pkt)
1 cup tapioca flour

Part 2 Syrup ingredients
4 cups water
220g sugar + some pandan leaves

1. soak water chestnut with red colouring in a bowl.  Mix well to ensure each chestnut pieces is evenly coat in red.  (add a bit of water if too dry)

2. Drain out the coloured red chestnut.

3. Pour in the flour into the plastic bag, add in the coloured chestnut.  Shake well ensure the pieces are cover with flour.

4. Remove the coated chestnut from bag and dust off excess flour.

5. Cook the flour coated chestnut in boiling water.  Once cooked, it will float up in the water.

6. Scoop up the cooked red ruby out from pot.  Put in cold water so that it will  oy get sticky.  Later drain out and set aside.  Put in fridge if for next day use.

Final Product
Boil syrup ingredients in microwave high 2 mins or till sugar dissolved.

Water cool add in coconut milk and stir in the red ruby.  Try to loosen  the ruby that is just out from fridge.  Finally add some ice and serve chill.

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