Sunday, August 16, 2015


Finally back to blog, after a super long break.  What I realised over the years  Occasionally when I baked during the break.  I still come back to my blog and refer to my past post recipe.  It's really very helpful, not having to worry if recipe get lost or misplace.   Now it made me having the urge to make blogging a comeback.

To began with, my new found love. ...

I was first introduced to 马蹄糕 by my colleague.  She bought it from Crystal Jade.  It was chilli   It's good for hot day.  It help to cool our heaty body during hot weather.  Found  them in 2 of the Chinatown traditional Chinese shop 大中国 and the dim sum bakery shop next door during this year CNY.  I bought both to tried, personally I like 大中国that has nicer texture.  Whereby the other is generous with the water chestnut.  Importantly I find it costly for a small tray costing close to s$9

Finally found one that's quite similar and I'm happy with it.

1 cup water mix w 45g water chestnut powder
4 pcs water chestnut cut in to small cube
1 slab of Chinese brown sugar 片糖
2.5 cup water

Grease 6" baking pan lightly


  1. Place all ingredients into the pot and bring to bring.  Need keep stirring the mixture as it thicken.   Do not overcook the mixture
  2. Pour out the paste into streaming grease pan
  3. Steam over high boiling water 15 - 20 mins ensure sufficient water for steaming
  4. When done, leave it to cool before chill in fridge
Ready to eat when cold, cut and serve.

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