Monday, November 3, 2008

Lizard Trap

Cool item i got - Lizard Trap. Lately, my house got so many lizard. So last night i decided to setup the trap, i have yet to find out what is the successful rate. (forgot to check this morning for the result) Anyway, here's how it look like.
Btw, i had done a couple of test. It has proven its effectiveness. I'm extremely happy with the result so were my family and went back to the departmental store to buy more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Berryfood, may i know where did you buy the lizard trap & did u manage to catch them?


Art of Eating said...

Hi Vera,

I got them from OG household dept. They are selling 1 pkt for S$5 but if you buy 4 packet @ S$10.
To note : 1 packet has 5 traps. It's even cheaper & effective than the one selling at NTUC.

I find it effective, as i have many successful attempt. To make it more effective break the tablet. It was a cheers at my family. Btw the instruction said it's not poison, it's safe for home with kids.