Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oreo chocolate butter cake

When i was about to head down to NTUC Fairprice with Mei to buy some bread, suddenly son said that his class is having a party tomorrow. My jaw almost drop as it's about 8plus and he wants me to bake something for him to bring to school to share (30 kids & 2 teachers). Hmmm ... Oreo (kids favourite). Son seems pleased with my suggestion, i rush down grab a pack of oreo. Using my reliable butter cake- i added chocolate paste and oreo to it. Here's the simple and easy .... Oreo chocolate butter cake
This week will be filled with heavy baking as well as a busy personal and work week. Lots of happening.


Emily said...

Hi BerryFood,
You have been tagged in my blog. I hope you'll have fun!!

Art of Eating said...

Hi Emily,

Thanks for dropping by :)

Cookie said...

Hi Pal,

You have been tagged by me.
Have fun!


Art of Eating said...

Thanks Cookie