Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lunch Time Adventure

Today mission :- > Chinatown Plaza

* Target - 1) Korean Supermart & 2) Patisserie GLACE

Heard so much about Glace serving authentic japanese pastries. We decided to buy 2 items to share, the cake here's a little pricey for us. So... here's what we had
- Marron Pie S$3.80 & Strawberry RinRin Ice Cheese Tart S$3
Here's the cross section of Marron Pie
- A look of a muffin, crispy out skin with 1 chestnut in the center and flaky base that make it smell good.
Strawberry RinRin Ice Cheese Tart
- The cheese was light and creamy with strawberry puree, the cookie base was firm and crunchy

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