Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Korean Dishes for Dinner

Tonight we're blowing the wind of 韩流, the dinner theme is Korean Food.

Last week been to Chinatown Point - Korean Food Fair and bought the following :-

1) Stir fried Chicken Glass noodle S$4
2) Ginseng Chicken Soup S$13
Menu for tonight is mainly Instant made meal, except korean-pan-fried-prawn-cake from Food Cafe which i made half the portion.
1) DIY pan fried prawn cake
2) Tasty Glass noodle (Good choice), just stir fry over a non stick pan. Very simple & easy.3) Unbeliveable Ginseng Chicken Soup, cos it consist 1 whole chicken (mini one) with glutinous rice. It only take 8 mins to microwave it.

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