Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AF Portugese Egg Tart

This recipe has been very popular among the Philips air fryer group.  I've tried many times and this is a real keeper.  Thought it will be nice to keep the recipe here, for easy reference in future.  Apologies that I forgot to note down the origjnal source of the recipe.

10 PH ready to use Tart crust
50g sugar
150ml water
2 eggs
40ml milk

1.  In a bowl boil sugar in water till dissolve and let it cool down.  using microwave high 1 -2 mins

2. Poke hole on the egg she'll with fork AF @ 180c 5-7 mins

3.In a bowl, whisk egg.  Add in sugar syrup and fresh milk.  Mix well.

4. I use 2 handheld siever to sieve the egg mixture.

5. Pour egg mixture to about 90% full, as the mixture will absorb into the crust.  Therefor pour slowly.

6.  AF @ 180c 15 - 20 mins

7. Another 5 mins @ 200c, to have charred.

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