Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ready gravy butter chicken Masala

Quick fix dinner for my curry lover son.  Upon first try he loves it so so much, so as my hubby.  We'll be back for more ....
ingredient :
1 packet butter chicken masala (ready gravy - house brand)
300g chicken fillet  (cut into cube)
dashes of pepper salt
2g chilli powder
dashes of cajun powder
20g butter
50ml multi purpose cream or fresh cream
*Optional : cooked potoatoes cube
method :
1. marinate chicken, pepper salt, chilli powder and cajun powder for 20 mins
2. heat butter in corning ware and stir fry the chicken cube till half cooked
3. add in the ready gravy, cube potatoes and simmer until chicken is cooked
4. Add in cream, mix well and cook for another 3 mins.  Serve.