Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Black vinegar pork

I love the taste and fragance of black vinegar pork. Felt so achieving for my very first time cooking this dish. Can compete with those selling outside or better.  Never expect it's an easy making, no real measurement. Just mere estimation only.
Ingredient :
350g Lean Meat (cut into 2" cube)
1 pc palm size ginger(scrap clean with knife. half portion, thickly slice the balance smash)
2tbsp black sesame oil
375ml chan kong thye black sweet rice vinegar
375ml water
1 pc gula melaka (approx 100g)
Method :
1. Boil the meat in hot water and drain to set aside
2. Stir fry ginger with sesame oil till fragrance, using tanyu or claypot
3. Add vinegar and water to boil. 
4. Add in gula melaka and stir till melt
4. Finally put in the meat and eggs
4. Cook in small fire for abt 1 hr

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