Monday, February 23, 2009

Moist Chocolate Cake

Happy Birthday to my 2 colleagues that shared the same birthday ~ today. I baked the cake this early morning and brought it to the office. It's still warm when we eat it.

The only set back about this cake was .... there's a cracked line at the top (whereby i removed the ring before the cake is cool off) otherwise it's a nice yummy cake. :( Running out of time, otherwise i could have done a plastic surgery to restore the beauty of this cake to 一切完美

Now into the box and ready to office for the mini celebration. I've disgust the crack by placing the Happy Birthday tag there to kinda of block the defect.

This is my share of the sliced cake. Yummy ! not too sweet and moist enough.

Overall, I'm happy with this bake despite the defect.

Ingredient A
150g butter
300g brown sugar

Ingredient B
2 eggs

Ingredient C
200g boiling water
45g Valrhona cocoa powder

Ingredient D
1 tsp bi-carbonate soda }
1/2 tsp baking powder } Sieve together
150g plain flour }

Method :
1. Beat ingredient A till fluffy and light

2. Add ingredient B and beat till smooth

3. Gradually put ingredient C & D alternately

4. When well mix and pour into the grease baking tin

5. Bake @ 180c for 40-45 mins

6. Check if the skewer comes out clean, than let it stand for 5 mins before remove from oven

Chocolate Glazing
194g (100ml) whipping cream
1/2 tbsp + 1/2 tsp honey
150g chopped chocolate
19g butter

1. Boil whipping cream with honey
2. Add in chocolate and stir till melted
3. Finally stir in butter and a set aside

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