Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Harshbrown Omelette

I need more more ideas to pack Prince morning breakfast, lunchbox for recess & lunch ... now that he need to stay for supplementary class & ECA after normal school hours for some days.

As age is catching up, I'll need to pen down the menu. Otherwise, i will forget them. It's rather helpful for me in planning & making a quick fix for his 2-3 meals in the morning.

My biggest satisfication is son enjoy his food and the nice feedback. It's so comforting that he said he don't need get school canteen food, as he got better food choice and it's tasty. With such wide choice of food varieties, you could image his size ahhh....

New add to my menu ...
1 slice bacon
1 pc harsh brown
1 egg
2 tbsp milk
dash of pepper salt
some shredded cheese

1. Cook bacon (I used the toaster) & cut into bite
2. Lightly fry harsh brown w/o oil (or use toaster) & chopped into small pieces
3. Mix egg, milk & pepper salt
4. On the flat pan, pour in the mixture.
5. Continue to spread on the harshbrown and sprinkle cheese
6. Lastly top it with bacon
Recess lunchbox today
~ Harshbrown Omelette
~ Toast stick
~ Soya beans


Cookie said...

You are such a wonderful mummy to put in so much effort in your children's daily meals! 赞!

Art of Eating said...

shy shy :p

Thou busy preparing Prince & Princess lunchbox daily, it's still a joy being able to give them this special touch from mommy.

When they outgrow, they may not want my home packed food anymore. So just do what i can for them now.