Monday, March 2, 2009

Fairy Bread

Not much bake over the weekend, as FIL was hospitalise on Saturday night for stroke on right side of his body. Now his condition is slowly improving though the road of recovery will be slow due to his age.

Now back to food ...
Here's a plate of Fairy Bread took 2mths ago, during Princess birthday party.
Princess loves the Fairy Bread so much that she requested to be made for her lunchbox this morning.
Here's a little history of it ... Fairy bread is commonly served at children's parties in Australia & New Zealand. The origin of this Fairy Bread is not widely known, but it may come from the poem 'Fairy Bread' in Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses, published in 1885. (Personally, i've not read this book)

The making of the Fairy bread is really really easy, all it needs is some magical touch to it . . . .

1. Spread a layer of margarine over a slice of white bread

2. Sprinkle with Thousand & hundred onto the spread


Cookie said...

I have a confession - i love the vibrant colours of 100s and 1000s but I won't eat them. So hard that it hurts my teeth! Ouch!

Well, that's a separate story. I love your pretty fairy bread!

Maybe you could use butter rather than margarine becos margarine contains transfat which is super unhealthy for human's body! Ok it's just my usual health talk.

Cookie said...

Sorry to hear of your FIL's stroke. It is gg to be taxing on the family due to the nature of illness... you take care and be well

Art of Eating said...

Thanks Cookies for your care & concerns, appreciate that :)

Yap, should give those transfat a cut ;p