Sunday, March 15, 2009

Osmanthus Agar Agar 桂花菜燕

The fragrant of this Osmanthus is pleasant (桂花的清香). The kids & myself don't quite like the Osmanthus flower but the taste is refreshing.

I'm left with half packet of the agar agar powder, so here's recipe ...
6g agar agar powder
450ml water
100g sugar
1 tbsp Osmanthus sugar

1. boil agar agar powder with water
2. when boil add in sugar
3. remember to keep stiring to avoid thicken
4. Finally add in Osmanthus sugar
5. Off fire and pour the mixture into mould
6. Cool the mixture before putting into the fridge
7. Best serve while cold


Cookie said...

Hey, Neat agar-agar!

May I ask if your agar sweat after a day in the fridge?


Art of Eating said...

Thanks Cookie.

It seems good still after a day in the fridge.