Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Milo Agar Agar

I just loves the fragrant of a cup of hot Milo. The hot Milo smell so good and tempting whenever my colleague made one for himself. One fine day i decided to asked him what made his Milo smell so good, he said it was just Milo Kosong thick thick and that's it. Argh ..... simple and yet tasty. After the new discovery, that's the way i made Milo for myself now. MILO thick thick

Today making is Milo Agar Agar.Ingredient
1 packet of 12g Agar Agar powder
1 Litre water
170g rock sugar (reduce to you own likeness)
4 pcs pandan leave (tie into a knotted)
4 tbsp Milo


  1. Boil water with Pandan leave, rock sugar & agar agar powder
  2. After boil remove pandan leave
  3. Stir in Milo until dissolve, turn off the fire
  4. While hot put the agar agar into a container. After cool & set put into the fridge
  5. Serve while cold

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