Sunday, July 26, 2009

洛神花 - Ribena Flower

I just came home from Blood Donation at the Community Club opposite my home and this drink just came in handy.

Last week, I was at San Teck Soon 新德信 at Chinatown and bought this 洛神花 - Ribena Flower.
Explanation of the drink comes in Chinese & English.
- To strengthen stomach function. Clear away lung heat and resolve phlegm, relieve tension and calm the mind
- 性平, 味苦, 甘, 健胃, 化痰止咳, 安神. 用于消化不良, 失眠 ....

1 pot of hot water pour over about 7-8 bulbs of flower and add rock sugar to your taste. (No boiling required)

Truly the colour and taste, really alike the Ribena mix in the bottle. This is more of a healthy one.


Blessed Homemaker said...

Thanks for sharing, I have a pack and was googling for a recipe.

Art of Eating said...

Thanks Blessed Homemaker for dropping by.

This is really a convenient and easy drink to make. My kiddies loves it