Sunday, June 14, 2009

Herbs and Cheese Sticks

Lately, hmm haven't find something that really excit me into baking. Kinda of lazing around at home flipping thru' cookbook and putting them back in place. Maybe blame it to school holiday lazy bugs in me, whereby i skip making daily breakfast & lunchbox for kids and catch up more Zzzzzzzzzz.

The kids had finished up the Nestum cookies and wanted more cookies. So, i decided for a Herbs and Cheese Sticks for tonight bake.
Here's princess in action again
60g flour
1/8tsp baking powder (sift with flour)
20-25g parmesan cheese
adequate rosemary
45g butter (melted)
20g water

1. Mix cheese, salt, rosemary and butter with sifted flours and knead well
2. Add in water at intervals and knead to form dough
3. Place into fridge for 1 hour
4. Remove and roll the dough into a long roll, then divide into small pieces
5. Roll into strips. Arrange the strips on lined baking tray
6 Bake at 190c for about 10-12 mins (depend on the thickness)

The kids said the cheese sticks looks more like french fries. It smell good

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