Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tasty Chicken Rice Ball

A simple dinner tonight, but my kids said it's a feast. I used the ready made chicken rice sauce i bought from NTUC. My family likes the taste, fragrant and NOT OILY.

1 cup rice = 1/2 tbsp chicken rice sauce.
(for my case i cooked 2 cup rice = 1 tbsp chicken rice sauce)

Cook rice the normal way using the rice cooker, just add in the appropriate amount of chicken rice sauce.

Here's how the rice ball being made. All you need is plastic bag to mould the rice into a ball. (got the ideal from the stall who sells chicken rice ball, last Saturday I paid S$2 for for 2 balls)
In fact the kids enjoy making their own rice ball for dinner.
This ball can be made easily at home and costs so much lesser. The sauce can be consumed for many cook, just remember to keep them in fridge for later use.

I used the toaster to oven this drumlet bought from NTUC to go with the chicken rice.


Food Lover said...

Wow, drumstick ! My favourite.

Art of Eating said...

Yum yum ... share with me your favourite when you make one too hor.