Monday, January 26, 2009

Corn Flake Cookies

Last minutes baking for me on CNY eve. I didn't expect myself to be so hard working baking more cookies. I thought just concentrate with my pineapple cake for today. Well, since I missed my nap time, so make good use of it by baking cookies. (what an excuse) Guess what i did 2 different type instead of cookies but in small quantity.

Cookie spooning in Progress, with the help of my princess.

All ready to pack and store away into the container and kids stomach

Here's the recipe :-

42g butter
42g sugar
15g honey
70g corn flakes

1) Melt butter, sugar and honey till mixutre becomes frothy
2) Add in corn flakes all at once and stir to mix well
3) Spoon mixture into small paper cups
4) Bake at 150c for 10-12 mins

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