Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Haven't been baking or doing anything much lately. Last week my dearest aunty (daddy's sis) from Sarawak passed away and i had fly there for the funeral. Thanksfully my hubby help to take care of the kids.

Now I'm slowly picking up with my bake/cook. To begin with this morning is Pancake .... got the recipe from a chinese cookbook borrowed from the library 好想为你亲手做出美味的甜点 ! what a long book title.

Flour 100g
Castor sugar 20g
1 Egg
Milk 1/2 cup

  1. Use a mini hand mixer to mix the flour & sugar
  2. Mix egg & milk in a separate bowl
  3. Pour egg mixture into the flour and mix well
  4. Cover the batter for a hour (i didn't follow that as i couldn't wait that long to get it pancake ready for school)
  5. Finally scoop a spoonful and fry with some butter until golden over at a flat pan
I roll the pancake with slice cheese.


Cookie said...

AoE, sorry to hear of your aunt's passing. Hope all's well now.

with thoughts,

Claire said...

Sorry to hear that also....I enjoy your blog.

Art of Eating said...

Thanks Cookie & Claire for your kind concerns.

Thanks Claire for dropping by blog.