Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting up early these days

Since school term start for the kids, the biggest adjustment that i had now is.... Wake up really early. This year onwards my son will be in morning school, whereby the school bus will pick him up at 6am. That means to say i need to wake up between 4.30 - 5 am to get his lunch box & breakfast ready. After that i'll fix princess lunchbox. I'm still trying to cope with lesser Zzzzzz time.

Got a special request from prince for his lunch box. Prince favourite Quiche
Scramble egg
Pooh shape bread
Sausage with bacon rolls


Cookie said...

Hi AoE

Gosh, waking up at 4.30am is no fun!

Perhaps you can start looking around for food that can be prepared the night before... Just a thought; I do not know how feasible cos I do not make lunch box. :-(


Art of Eating said...

Thanks Cookie really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Like now, my eyes is so tired. I did think about getting easy food the night before. Sob sob ... i got home working late these couple of nights, so need to catch up on my sleep. In exchange of waking up early to prepare food. Will need to review my morning hours on food preparation.

I started making lunch box for his school break time since he was in Nursery till now P3. Mainly to save $ and time. It help to cut down Q time to buy food and have more free time during recess after his food.