Sunday, January 4, 2009

Macau Koi Kei Bakery - Mini Almond Cookies

This is my favourite Almond Cookie, finally can be found sold in S'pore. I'm very excited about it. I bought 2 boxes from 2 different store = 德信medical hall (chinatown) & Sheng Siong supermarket separately on last Thur & Fri. Cool right ?

What's the difference?
The green box was Almond Cookies with Whole Almond, the other box is just normal mini chip almond cookies.

So which is my favourite ?
The green box one. Well, I'm actually not bother about it. I just loves eating them, irregardless it's whole or chips. It's my favourite and now are sold here.

Yummy ! I can eat to my whole heart content.


Carrie said...


Yes, this almond cookies are me fav as well! I can easily eat 5 or 6 at a go!! I know that the OG (Lvl 4) at somerset carries this product as well.


Art of Eating said...

Thanks Carrie, another outlet to hunt down for this almond cookies.

It's so irresistable !

Anonymous said...

i found it hard to hunt down for this item, especially for coming chinese new year.

Unlike the year before, it was easy to find in NTUC outlet like ang mo kio and toa payoh, and suddenly they never stock them anymore.

OG Somerset Lv 4 has stopped supplying too, they said it's been quite a while.

Desperation! Do you have any recommendation?

Faisal Hilmi said...

looks delicious :)
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