Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yr 2009 CNY

This year CNY, princess wanted a lion head. Good reasons she gave was, she wanted to do lion dance "dong chang, dong chang" and peel orange to make a 8. Daddy was very pleased and gave a nod and off we went down to Chinatown a day b4 New Year Eve to get the lion head. We went round checking the price and finally the deal is sealed and we got princess & prince one lion head each. Not only that, a cymbal & drum were also bought, to create the atmosphere.

Princess & Prince are each holding a drum & Chinese cymbal

Big project - Lions getting ready their way to their grand parents house, as for daddy & mummy busy with the drum & cymbal.

Keeping to their words, the kids try hard peeling oranges to make an "8". Guess what Prince made an "Egg" instead. hahahhah ... 8 & egg sounded the same. Importantly, both Grans were very happy, with this special CNY greeting.

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Food Lover said...

Having good time together, the mummy too !