Saturday, October 17, 2009

红烧排骨炒米粉 Braised Meat Fried Bee Hoon

This was a very challenging project for me. When I intend to prepare dinner for the family, my princess cried so badly that she wanted me to come along with her to swim. Even though her daddy and bro are going with her. With her persistent and teary eyes, I just tag along 陪公主. My project was push back an hour later.

Back from their swim, immediately i work on my bee hoon frying project. Why was it a big deal ? It was never an easy task as the bee hoon, if not done properly the bee hoon will be very broken 碎 & messy. It'll stick on the pan and get burn.

1 can 红烧排骨 (remember to remove the bone)
1/2 packet bee hoon
2 eggs (beat with a dash of sesame oil)

Salt, pepper, fish sauce, soya sauce, oyster sauce & some water (approximate to taste-estimate)

  1. Soak bee hoon in water for a little while
  2. Fried egg omelette and shredded
  3. Mix and pour in the seasoning into the wok. Put in the bee hoon and fry with the help of chopstick so that the bee boon will not stick together
  4. Add a little more water if needed to ensure the bee hoon are cooked. It's like 焖method.
  5. Pour in the sauce (make sure not too oily) from the can together with 红烧排骨 into the bee hoon and stir fry a little more before serve
I'm very very happy with my achievement. In fact this is my 1st time attempting this cooking way after some research. Here's my yummy bee hoon kekekeke I'm proud to say.


Sylviamania said...

I love this bee hoon! My mom always cooks like that.... hmmm... I really miss it.

Art of Eating said...

This is my favorite too just that I didn't manage to get it right till now.

Wait till you're back, can eat all to your heart content Sylvia ;p