Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thai Pineapple Rice

When it comes to weekend, I'll need to think what to cook for the family. Think, think, think ... Ah... i got a packet of pineapple spice paste. Okay, lets set for Pineapple Rice tonight. It's simple and fast cook. You may follow the recipe and instruction stated on the packet.
In fact, it brought back memories of where I previously worked. We uses to cook lunch in the office, it was so fun and exciting. This is one of those dish where we made last time, really misses those times and the gang of lunchtime kaki.

Here's my shortcut and quick quick making.
1 packet Thai Pineapple Rice Spice Paste
300g Chicken Meat (cube)
1 pair of chinese sausage (Sliced)
6 rings of pineapple (bite size)
raisin, pork floss, cashew nuts as garnish
Cooked rice (Serving of 4)

  1. Cooked the desired amount of rice in the rice cooker
  2. While cooking the rice, stir fry the chinese sausage, put aside when cooked
  3. Put in the chicken meat onto the same pan and stir fry with pepper & salt, cooked set aside
  4. Do a quick stir fry over the chinese sausage, chicken meat & pineapple together
  5. When the rice about to cook, mix the packet of paste with the rice inside the cooker
  6. Pour in the stir fried items into the cooker and give a good mix
  7. Continue to allow the item to cook a little while more inside the cooker
  8. Finally serve rice with raisin, pork floss & cashew nuts
* I'm very pleased as princess likes the rice (minus the sausage, pineapple & meat) though she just ate it with pork floss. As for prince, he's always a good food supporter. He finished everything on his plate and ask for more.

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