Wednesday, October 14, 2009

大麦甜粥 Sweet Wheat Porridge Dessert (Gandum)

After seeing 阿豐 麥粥, I wanted to make this dessert so much for my family. I didn't expect I would have a hard time looking for this white wheat in NTUC, Cold Storage & Sheng Siong. In the end, I bought it from the Market provision stall this morning.

My mom helped with the cooking of the wheat, while I take my afternoon nap after the flu medication. I do not have the exact water & sugar measurement, as mom did the job. We use our favourite Tanyu pot to do the cooking. You may refer to the guide below.

200g White Wheat (Gandum)
4 Pandan Leaves, knotted
200ml Concentrated Coconut Milk
Sugar to taste (or 100g Rock sugar)
Water (1.5 Liter)


  1. Soak wheat in warm water.
  2. When wheat is soft, pour away the soaking water
  3. Put the wheat & water into the Tanyu pot and cook till wheat turn soft and open
  4. Add in the amount of sugar to your own taste
  5. Put in pandan leave & coconut milk and cook for another 10-20 mins


Cookie said...

i also like this. I couldn't find
大麦, so end up buying 小麦. Not sure if they are the same.... I will report after i try it out.

Sonia said...

This remind me I have so long did not cook this, hope to cook it soon.

Art of Eating said...

Hi Cookie,

hahah .. not easy task huh .. looking for the 大麦 ...

Hi Sonia,
It's just like walking down the memories lane huh.

My son like the stall selling this at C'wealth Drive food center

Blessed Homemaker said...

Thanks for posting the pic of the packaging, I too can't find it in NTUC.

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