Saturday, October 3, 2009

Peach Crepes with Chocolate Sauce

Got some left over peaches and Princess loves crepes a lots. This recipe originated from Alex Goh (with slight modification) looks so tempting and i got all the ingredients needed and I did half the original portion. Yum yum...
1 egg
125g milk
17g sugar
pinch of salt

17g butter (melted)

40g flour

some peach slices

  1. Mix (A) until sugar is dissolved. Add in (B) then sieve in (C) and mix until well combined
  2. Set aside and let it stand for 30 mins
  3. Heat frying pan with some butter. Pour in some batter and tilt the pan to spread the batter evenly
  4. Fry over medium heat until one side is browned. Flip the crepe over and cook
  5. You may put in any filling and glazing of your choice
Filling :-
1) peach with chocolate glazing (for hubby & grandma)
2) cheese with honey glazing (princess)
3) evaporated milk with honey glazing (prince)


Food Lover said...

Ask from princess to keep one piece for me.

Art of Eating said...

Princess said ok.