Friday, October 9, 2009

Soya Milk Longan Pudding

Ma-ny ma-ny years ago (in my younger days, A-ham), I made very similar recipe as shared by CurryFishHead. I'm really happy to have a hand on it again now.

1800ml water
500ml sugar reduced soya milk
160g evaporated milk
10g agar agar powder
120g sugar

  1. Bring water, agar agar powder and sugar to boil.
  2. Off fire add in soya milk and evaporated milk
  3. Pour into your choice of jelly mold or bowl
  4. Once cool, sent it to fridge
  5. Serve chill with canned longan and it syrup

1 comment:

Simonne said...

hi, mind asking what brand of agar powder u using ?
Also do u have any idea how many tsp = 10g of agar powder