Friday, October 2, 2009

Peach Konnyaku Cake

Tomorrow is our dear Annie birthday, so Kampong & Lorong AP are celebrating for her today.

Specially for you Annie. Happy Birthday !
950ml water

115g sugar
1 packet Konnyaku powder

Peach slices

800ml milk

130g sugar
1 packet Konnyaku powder

40g cornflour
100ml water

Top :

  1. Mix (B) then add to (A). Stir constantly till well blended and then bring it to the boil
  2. Arrange (C) on the bottom of a 9" round mould. Pour the above konnyaku syrup onto it and let it set
Base :
  1. Mix (B), add into (A) and mix till well blended and bring to the boil. Add the premixed (C) slowly and continue to cook till mixture thickens
  2. Pour it onto the peach konnyaku and let it cool and refrigerate
  3. Remove from mould and serve cold


Food Lover said...

So nice and well done!

Sanmao 随想 said...

Yes, very yummy too. Thank you so much. And also thank you Food Lover for the pie.

Art of Eating said...

Ladies, it's my pleasure !